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AOIT Art Final Exam Part 3

1.   Success: Which project was your most successful? Use two of the artistic behaviors to explain your answer. Include photo.

                     The most successful piece of art I have done this year was the sticky note project of Morgan Freeman.  In order to make sticky note art of Morgan Freeman, we found an online picture of him and put it into photoshop and then used gradient map.  This made him a mixture of colors from light and dark green, yellow, and dark and light blue.  Then we made it mosaic so that he was made of squares and you could make out who the picture was of from a distance.  The mosaic allowed us to stay organized when putting the different color sticky notes on the construction paper.  Once we finished sticking the sticky notes onto the big piece of construction paper, we hung it up in C building.  You could not realize who the picture was of unless standing farther away.  

                      The two artistic behaviors we used while creating this work of art, were "We Collaborate", and "I Reflect".  We collaborated during this project because we helped each other in our group out and asked each other questions.  We also made a process by telling eachother what color sticky note goes on what number of the grid, and we had to collaborate in order to hand up the construction paper.  Our group reflected by sitting back and planning before so we didn't get to greedy, and we analyzed it before just going straight at it without thinking about it.

2. Do Over: If given the opportunity, which project would you do over? Describe why and how you would redo this project. Reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium or creating a different idea completely. Include Photo.

                       If I could go back and re do any project, it would be the anamorphosis.  I think that we could have made this project a lot better if we used a different object and stuck to our original plan in using a coke bottle instead of a coffee cup.  Also, if we had more time to do this, it would have came out a lot better and make it look like it was standing up from the ground better.  We needed to plan out our grid and outline the inside of the boxes better and more neat.  The time really cut us off because by the end we were rushing through the painting process, and if everyone would have put in more effort in the drawing and planning, it would have came out better and neater.

AOIT Art Final Exam Part 2

Part Two: Critique personal art based on reflective inquiry.

1.   Select one work of artwork
2.   Pick one Artistic Behavior from the rubric (linked above).
3.   For the artwork, answer the questions that go along with the Artistic Behavior

*I communicate through my work.*

This piece of art shows my self-expression and personal interests.  The meaning behind this artwork that I made is that I spend most of my time on the lacrosse field and it is a big part of my life.  As a freshman on a 4 time state champion varsity high school team, and being on a year around club team, most of my time spent outside of school is on the field.  Inside the frame is a picture of me in my uniform and standing on the turf.  The reason why everything else is black and white is because the main focus of the picture is what is inside of that frame.  This artwork is obviously about who I am (an athlete), and what I like (lacrosse).  It is intended to say this through the hints in the artwork such as the main focus on the field inside of the frame.

AOIT Art Final Exam Part 1

1.   Select two works of art
2.   For each work:

           A.  Write one paragraph explaining how the role of art played in creating the technology piece
1) The role of art played a role in creating this technology piece (ipad drawing), because before I put it onto the ipad, I had to print out a picture of my shoe and hand draw it so that I could transport it onto the ipad.  Next, after I got the drawing onto the ipad, I had to use my art skills to make this piece of technology by deciding things such as the color, texture, print, and shading.  I used these art skills to make the drawing more realistic. 

        B. Write one paragraph explaining how the technology play a role in making the art
          1)   Technology played a role in making this piece of art (Morgan Freeman), because the first step of the process was to put that effect on him with the three colors (green, yellow, and blue), and then to make him into about 30 squares per the length and height.  The squares allowed us to use sticky notes so we could see Morgan Freeman from a distance and make it more grid like so we know exactly where each sticky note went on the construction paper by numbering and marking off the ones we had down to stay more organized.  This was called mosaic. The color effect allowed us to stick with three colors to make life easier and have the exact shade of the exact color for each box on the grid.  We did all of this through photoshop.  


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